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The Perfect
GPS Tracking System

MGA Concept

My-Guardian-Angels, Remember Google Latitude?

My-Guardian-Angels (MGA) is a secure family and small business coordination system. MGA features the battery saving Angel Algorithm that uses the smartphone GPS to coordinate users with automatic and on-demand location updates. It intelligently generates rapid updates on demand and regular updates based on user activity, but otherwise sleeps in a battery saving mode. The companion MGA web app runs in any web browser.

Why We Made a GPS Phone Tracking App

We made MGA to meet our own needs. Other apps we tried had poor accuracy, ran down the battery or provided updates that were useless. Our children were driving cars and exploring new freedoms, our parents live in another town and we just had to stay in touch.

MGA Is a Free Cell Phone Tracker

It is free if you don't mind a few ads and only connect to a few of people. No credit card required. Otherwise, it is $4/month, no ads and lots of connections. There are no contracts or long-term commitments.

Invite User

Guardian Dashboard

The Guardian Dashboard displays status for each Private Connection, Public Link, and Pending Connection. In this example of Private Connections you can see:
  • Their location
  • Battery level
  • If phone is charging
  • Activity or speed
  • Time of the last update
If the user's device is operating normally, the update is displayed in green. When an update is pending the color is purple. and when an update is overdue it is displayed in red.

A short press on a user icon displays quick access to that user's contact record. Depending upon which fields are complete, you can quickly contact the user by phone, text, email and see a Google Map of the address in the contact record. Long press a user's name for a Menu of actions for this specific user.

Public Link: GPS Tracking in a Simple URL

Public Link is an easy and controlled way to share your location with many people. Each link is a simple URL that can be shared via SMS Text, email or even posted to your website, Facebook, etc. It works with any web browser on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Android phone, etc.

Short press a Public Link for a menu of options:

  • Disable sharing - All browsers immediately display a paused sharing message
  • Share - All browsers show your current location
  • Rename - Enter a new name for your Public Link
  • Delete - Remove a Public Link

Each Public Link counts as a single connection. On the MGA Free Plan, you can have up to 2 connections.

Public Links are easily disposed and created. Create a Public Link when you attend your next large public gathering, conference, etc. Let your friends find you.

Going on a road trip? Share a Public Link with your loved ones to let them track you along the way. There is no need to call and distract the driver with status update calls.

Pause Sharing

Non-Creepy GPS Location Sharing

MGA uses an "opt-in" and voluntary participation model. All users agree to pair with each other and any user can Pause Sharing at any time.

To know if your device is sharing, view the sharing state at the bottom of the Dashboard.
  • Location sharing is active indicates the device is online and sharing.
  • Location sharing is INACTIVE indicates the device is offline and not sharing.
Your private connections will always know your most recent location. When you stop sharing, your location will go stale, turn red and this will be your last known location until you resume sharing.

Guardian Instant Map

Instant GPS Map

User locations and surrounding traffic conditions can be accessed from any device. See a driver’s location and speed updated every few seconds in real-time, or reference historical data as far back as a month.

This app promotes driving safety by having a charger mode. When the phone is charging, it not only provides rapid updates to accurately gauge location and arrival time but also discourages texting while driving. Charger Mode publishes highly accurate rapid updates that allow you to monitor speed and driving details such as lane changes.

MGA Answers Critical Safety Questions

  • What is their current street address?
  • Will they arrive on time or be late?
  • When did they depart?
  • When did they get home?
  • Did they stop along the way?
  • How fast are they moving?
  • Are they in heavy traffic?
  • Will their battery hold up?

Parental Controls and Security

Security is of paramount importance, especially with children. Parental Controls is a feature that remotely changes a phone to have a simplified user interface. The simplified user interface prevents the user from making unauthorized connections. The parent may temporarily enable these features on the child’s phone or make and accept invitations remotely via My-Guardian-Angels.com.

MGA encrypts sensitive data and all communications with our servers. Your personal data is protected in such a way that only your connections can know where you are.

Compass, Battery Monitoring, and Web App

  • Guardian Compass: Orientation and distance to a connection. Great for use at large festivals, theme parks, and sporting events.
  • Guardian History: View past location data as far back as a month. View as a map or a table.
  • Battery Monitoring: See a connections battery level at any time
  • Web App - use MGA from any web browser:
    • Instant Map - See current location of a connection
    • GPS Logger - See historical locations on a map
    • Guardian Dashboard - See status of all your connections
    • Guardian Map - See all of your connections on one map
    • Invite new connections
    • Administer your account