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GPS Tracking App for Parents and Teenagers

GPS Auto Tracking for Teen Drivers

  • MGA is a GPS tracker, coordination and safety system
  • Avoid Texting and Driving by Charging and Driving
  • Plug into charger and its a GPS vehicle tracking device
  • Its non-creepy GPS tracking, pause location sharing at any time
  • Guardian is able to monitor a User's location and movement continuously or as required
  • Parents, no need to make pestering phone calls, just glance at the MGA dashboard.
MGA Box Android app on Google Play

"When I got my driver’s license, my parents used to call me all the time and that was pretty annoying and even dangerous. I found out about MGA and told them about it. Now they know when I am driving in heavy traffic and when I will be getting home. It makes sharing a car easier too. This is the perfect app." - Katy, New York City

Monitor Without Interfering

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Smartphone GPS Monitoring: Teen Tracker App for Road Monitoring

My-Guardian-Angels location tracker smartphone app is used by parents of young drivers as a way to supervise their driving and help directing in traffic, without interfering in their activities.

Fact: Teenage drivers have the highest incident rate of all age groups.
Fact: Drivers perform better if they know they are being monitored.

Guardian is not spyware, all use is completely "opt-in".

Safety for Teenagers, Peace of Mind for Parents

MGA Answers Critical Safety Questions

  • What is their current street address?
  • Will they arrive on time or be late?
  • When did they depart?
  • When did they get home?
  • Did they stop along the way?
  • How fast are they moving?
  • Are they in heavy traffic?
  • Will their battery hold up?
Guardian Instant Map

Instant Map

  • User locations and surrounding traffic conditions can be accessed from any logged in device
  • See a driver’s location and speed updated every few seconds in real-time
  • Reference historical driving data as far back as a month
  • This app promotes driving safety by having a charger mode. When the phone is charging, it not only provides rapid updates to accurately gauge location and arrival time but also discourages texting while driving
  • Charger Mode publishes highly accurate rapid updates that allow you to monitor speed and driving details such as lane changes
  • Faster and more accurate than Google Latitude and completely secure