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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Before you can track or be tracked by someone, you have to connect with them. Connections are made when one person accepts an invitation from another. To accept an invitation, find it with the MGA icon and follow the prompts. To send an invitation, select Invite User from MGA’s menu and enter the email address of the person you want to connect with. Once the invitation has been accepted, you are connected! You can track each other safely and securely. See example.

MGA has two plans, a Free Plan and a Plus Plan. The Free Plan is limited to 2 Public Links, or 2 Private Connections, or one of each.

A Private Connection is a connection between two consenting MGA users. Each user installs the Guardian App on their Android device.

A Public Link is a shared location URL from a single MGA user to many non-MGA users. Anyone with the URL can see the users location. Users that track your Public Link do not require the Guardian App or require a plan at all.

We recommend using Private Connections between close family members and Public Links for business associates and social events. Location sharing can be disabled at any time.

Yes you can. MGA has two different plans, a Free Plan and a Plus Plan and users can connect with each other in any combination. Free users are limited to 2 connections and a connection is either a Public Link or a Private Connections. A user can upgrade to premium status or downgrade to a free user at any time.
The primary account holder can update their billing information at any time from our website. They need only to go to the Account and Billing section of My-Guardian-Angels.com, select "Change credit card on file", and follow the instructions.
The primary account holder can get an invoice at any time from our website. They need only to go to the Account and Billing section of My-Guardian-Angels.com, select "Payment Receipts", and follow the instructions.
While there is no minimum age to use MGA, activating Parental Controls on a minor’s account can make their experience safer by mediating who they can connect with. You need to be at least 18 years to age to be the primary account holder.
MGA’s beta program is a unique opportunity where you get to help us finish perfecting our app while also giving it a trial run. It is uncertain how long the program will last but it is free to join. Participation in the beta program is by no means a commitment to the completed app-- If you decide you don’t want to keep the app when it’s finished, your account information will be safely and automatically deleted.
Security is of paramount importance, especially with children. MGA /Parental Controls is a feature that remotely changes a phone to have a simplified user interface. The simplified user interface prevents the user from making unauthorized connections. The parent may temporarily enable these features on the child’s phone or make and accept invitations remotely via My-Guardian-Angels.com.

System and Technical Questions

When you get a new phone, all your Private Connections and Public Links still reference your old phone. This can be very handy if your old phone was lost or stolen, but these instructions will help you migrate to a new device.

There are two methods of migrating to a new phone.

From Android
  1. Install Guardian on the new phone
  2. Log in, if you have trouble use the forgot password link
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Device Manager
  5. You will see your new and old device. Select the right-arrow to transfer connections to the current phone. Select the red 'x' to delete your old phone.

From my-guardian-angels.com
  1. Install Guardian on your new phone and login
  2. Goto settings, Device Name, enter a new name for your new phone
  3. On your PC, goto my-guardian-angels.com and login
  4. Select My Profile and Settings
  5. Select old device <<< and Migrate Device Connection
  6. Delete your old device
The Guardian app requires Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or greater. It runs on Android phones and tablets.
MGA is usually accurate to within a few meters, though some locations and unavoidable interference will cause a greater tracking radius.
Unfortunately, a user can’t always be tracked. MGA relies on cellular networks Internet access and GPS, so when any of these requirements fail, a user won’t be tracked anymore, though MGA will resume tracking when proper conditions are restored.
The Guardian app runs on more than 6800 different Android phones and tablets. The MGA Free plan is limited to 1 device per user but the Plus Plan supports more than one device per user. This means you can run Guardian on any or all of your devices to monitor locations and battery levels. Do you find yourself running around plugging in devices before going to bed? One look at the Guardian Dashboard tells you if devices are plugged in and charging.
Your battery consumption will vary depending on your activity level and your environment. Guardian is most efficient with access to a WiFi network. If you have “fringe” network access and nominal GPS performance, your battery consumption will be greater than environments that offer strong GPS and strong network performance.
  • First check Android settings to make sure your phone is set for High accuracy.
  • Next select Menu-Help-Phone Setup and look for any red text and inspect the four buttons on the right side of the screen. Red text indicates that your phone configuration requires attention. There will only be black and green text when the phone is configured properly.
  • Try running the Google Maps app and see if it can pinpoint your location. Guardian is generally as accurate as Google Maps or better.
  • Sometimes a smartphone needs to be restarted in order to reset the GPS sub-system.
MGA is a secure communications tool with two types of location sharing: Private Connections and Public Links. Any user can Pause Sharing at any time. This disables all location sharing. A user can also control sharing for one or more Public Links. For example, a user can create and share a Public Link for business associates when gathering for a meeting, and disable or delete the Public Link when the meeting is over. If you are an avid cyclist or runner, you can create and share a Public Link for a training or race event and then disable or delete the link when the event is complete.
A user can email or text a Public Link URL that will show their location on a map. This capability works on all modern web browsers. Your location on the map is dynamic, when you move the pointer on the map moves.
The Guardian App currently runs on Android. The MGA Web App will run on iPhone in a web browser as well as an MGA Public Link.