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Senior Helpers App
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Senior Care Monitoring App

  • My Guardian Angels is a secure GPS monitoring app, coordination and safety system
  • It supports remote monitoring without pestering
  • It's a web app that runs in any browser
  • It works across the street or across the country
  • Guardian is able to monitor a user's location and movement continuously or as desired

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Smartphone Tracker for Senior Care

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Today's Technology for Today's Families

MGA is used by people that love their elders and want to keep secure surveillance on their location. It's also for seniors to easily locate their families and caregivers whenever needed.

For many years now, all types of organizations have used GPS tracking for emergency purposes. Now you can have it on your phone and the phones of the people you care the most, to check their daily activities or as a safeguard in case of unexpected events.

It means caring and monitoring, without interfering.

MGA Advantage: Elderly Monitoring Made Easy

Whether you have elderly parents, grandparents or patients to assist, be sure they are safe when you’re not around.

MGA provides the most reliable unlimited 24/7 assistance for elderly people. It is cheaper than GPS devices because it uses a standard cell phone network. No need to buy and maintain an extra device when you can have a quality service with less hassle and lower cost.

The Guardian app securely publishes real-time location, speed and battery levels. Users may pause publishing their location anytime they wish. MGA is not spyware.

Easy to use and secure, our app run automatically on your cell phone so there is no need for complicated configuring or programming.

Fancy An Example?

Mom likes her daily walk. It is good exercise for her and her dog too. She is not ready to give up her independent lifestyle, yet we know at her age she will not be independent forever. She sometimes gets confused about her schedule and forgets doctors appointments or other events. She may be showing early symptoms of Alzheimer's. She will eventually need to move into a retirement home but for now she is doing OK and she likes living near her lifelong friends.

We live several hours away and visit her when we can but with MGA, I am able to look after without being a pest.

  • I can check to see that she has left the house in time to make her doctors appointment.
  • Using Guardian History, I can see that her life-patterns of visiting the grocery store and neighbor card games are normal.
  • She still drives her car, not often but often enough that I worry. I can see when she departs and that she has returned home safely.

MGA Advantage: Provide freedom, monitor 24/7, without interfering

Safety for Seniors, Peace of Mind for Caregivers

MGA Answers Important Seniorcare Questions

  • Did Mom get out of the house today?
  • Did Mom get to the doctors office on time?
  • What is Mom's current street address?
  • When did she depart?
  • When did she get home?
  • Is she driving in heavy traffic?
  • Will her battery hold up?