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Safe Kids Tracker App for Parents and Children

Smart Tech for Today's Family

  • MGA is a secure GPS tracker, coordination and safety system
  • It a smartphone app called "Guardian"
  • It a web app that runs in any browser
  • Guardian is able to monitor a User's location and movement continuously or as required
  • Ideal child tracking device for school safety

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Instant Awareness When You Can't Be There

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Guardian App, A Smartphone Parental Control App

Keep an eye on the location of your kids when they are with caregivers, family or friends, without calling or making them call you, using our simple GPS phone tracking.

For school trips, festival or fair crowds, shopping malls and any other type of big events or open spaces, MGA child tracker is the solution.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your children are safe.

MGA Advantage: Provide Freedom While Maintaining Awareness

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Children and young adults will explore new boundaries with our practical app. The goal is easy communication and coordination. By communications, we mean instant awareness of "when" and "where"" without being a parental pest.

Family friendly, our app is easy to use and to setup, designed specifically for the family on the go. It is an alternative for calling that works every time.

Our phone tracking app has additional features, such as:

  • The Guardian Dashboard
  • Instant Map
  • Activity and speed
  • Battery level and charging state
  • GPS Log, history & location mapping
  • Guardian Compass

MGA is the ideal GPS tracker for your young teen's first cell phone.

Safety for Children, Peace of Mind for Parents

MGA Answers Critical Safety Questions

  • What is their current street address?
  • Did they get on the school bus?
  • When did they depart?
  • When did they get home?
  • Did they stop along the way?
  • Are they in heavy traffic?
  • Will their battery hold up?
  • How to track a phone?