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Real-Time GPS Map for Athletes and Families

Smart Tech for Personal Safety

  • MGA is a secure GPS tracker, coordination and safety system
  • It's a smartphone app called "Guardian"
  • It's a web app that runs in any browser
  • It's a remotely monitored real-time GPS map
  • Guardian is able to monitor a User's location and movement continuously or as required

Android app on Google Play

An App for Families On The Go

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Personal GPS Tracker for Outdoor Activities

The MGA GPS location tracker app is used by athletes and their families for emergencies or regular checks. Securely connect with family and friends to track an athlete or sportsman’s location while traveling long journeys.

It’s the perfect app for joggers, runners, and cyclists.

Be smart and let people know where you are.

Easy On Your Battery, Operates 24/7

Our GPS location tracker app provide unlimited 24/7 assistance. Smartphone tracking is the best option when athletes cannot answer their phones.

When you download the Guardian app, you get a lightweight application that doesn't waste battery.

It is cheaper than GPS devices because it uses a standard cell phone network. No need to buy and maintain an extra device when you can have a quality service with less hassle and low cost.

Sport friendly and extremely secure, our app run automatically on your smartphone so there is no need for complicated programming. You can pause or enable the real-time location, speed and battery level publishing any time. This gives you privacy when you want it and security when you need it.

Do you run, ride or hike in areas with spotty Internet access? MGA efficiently knows when you are on or away from Internet coverage, and automatically updates during periods when you have Internet access.

Fancy An Example: Guardian Dashboard & Instant Map

It is easy to check the status of the athlete in your family

  1. View the Guardian Dashboard, note the location, the time since last update and battery status.
  2. Select your athlete. This sends a command to the remote phone to securely publish rapid updates.
  3. Wait a few seconds and you will see multiple updates, 1 new pin for each update.

It's that simple, select a connection and see rapid updates in seconds.

MGA also uses the very latest in security precautions, so you can trust that your private location information remains private.

Personal Safety and Peace of Mind

MGA Answers Critical Safety Questions

  • What is their current location?
  • Are they stopped or moving? If so how fast?
  • When did they depart?
  • When did they get home?
  • Did they stop along the way?
  • Are they in heavy traffic?
  • Will their battery hold up?

User Feedback

Even while riding in town, my cycling routes sometimes can be quite an adventure. I feel extra safe knowing someone I trust has my location if something goes wrong.
- Richard, Atlanta, GA
I was sitting at the kitchen table when my wife called to tell me she had gotten a flat tire on her bike. She had started training for her first triathlon and was only a couple of miles from the house. We had just installed MGA the week before and she says, "Can you see me on the MGA map?" I jumped in the car and in less than 5 minutes I was there to her rescue.
- Bill B., Orlando, FL