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A GPS Tracking App for Families, Caregivers and Organizations

Instant Awareness 24/7

  • MGA is a secure GPS tracker, coordination and safety system
  • It a smartphone app called "Guardian"
  • It a web app that runs in any browser
  • Monitor a user location and activity continuously
  • Non-Creepy GPS tracking, pause location sharing anytime
  • Ideal for daily use and essential when emergencies strike

Android app on Google Play

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How do you take care of your loved ones?

  • MGA helps you locate and supervise without interfering
  • Our unique app was made to help busy families be safe and coordinate with each other
  • MGA families and caregivers have instant awareness 24 hours a day every day of the year
  • You never know when an emergency will occur, be prepared!
  • Why needlessly worry when you don't have to?

User Feedback

I’m so glad I installed this monitoring app on my daughter’s Android phone! I had the scare of my life and this app helped me resolve it. We were at the movies, and I lost track of her in the rush after the show. I couldn’t find anywhere! Thankfully, we had MGA on our phones, so I used the Instant Map to guide me to her. It turns out that she had made a mad dash for the bathroom without telling me! She hadn’t been able to hear my calls because her phone was still on silent from the movie. Thank you for helping me keep track of my little angel! - Blair Smith

This is the perfect app for parents with driving teens! My son just got his driver’s license, so I’ve been sending him on small errands by himself to build up his confidence. Naturally, I worry each time he’s a little late getting back, but with the map feature, I can check to see where he is without calling him. It keeps him focused on the road and it gives me some peace of mind that he’s on his way home. - The Johnsons

This Android app has been a godsend for helping me keep watch over my mother. She’s not as young as she used to be, so I worry about her living alone. MGA lets me check in on her while letting her stay independent. She’s not used to having a cell phone, so I mostly use MGA to track her battery level and remind her to charge her phone. She also has an alarming habit of going on long walks without telling anyone. This app keeps me from panicking when she goes missing. I don’t know what I’d do without it! - Charity Anderson